• The developmental history of the Cure
  • Correlations between Chronic Sinusitis and other infections
  • The most effective types of "Friendly" Bacteria necessary to control the fungus
  • Functional overview of the "Friendly" Bacteria used in the Cure
  • How to reintroduce the "Friendly" Bacteria into the sinuses
  • Substantive background information 

First, see your doctor to determine if you have Acute or Chronic Sinusitis:
  • Acute Sinusitis is typically a bacterial infection in the sinuses that lasts a month or less.
  • Chronic Sinusitis is inflammation that typically lasts 3 months or longer. Bouts may be frequent or continual throughout the year and include runny nose, congestion, headaches, swelling and diminished sense of smell.

See Sinusitis:
If Chronic Sinusitis is your diagnosis, then the sinusitis natural CURE I discovered, may change your life forever!

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Natural Cure for Sinusitis

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Because of Mayo Clinic's findings that fungus, NOT bacteria, causes Chronic Sinusitis, doctors and researchers now understand why antibiotics that eliminate only bacteria have proven to be an ineffective way to get rid of Sinusitis.

Antibiotics kill ALL bacteria; the disease-causing types as well as the "friendly" bacteria. Unfortunately, these ''friendly" bacteria (Probiotics) are responsible for NATURALLY maintaining healthy sinuses. They accomplish this ESSENTIAL task by controlling the population of fungus.

Existing over-the-counter sinus treatments ONLY TREAT the symptoms, and DO NOT cure the disease by controlling the fungus that causes Chronic Sinusitis;
The Cure