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Adam wrote: "This was a game changer for me, growing up with chronic sinusitis and strong seasonal allergies it had been a long time since I was actually able to breathe through my nose. After using Mr. Nicolay’s cure I saw a dramatic change in my nasal passage. I can actually breathe through my nose now and can’t be more pleased with what it has done for my quality of life."

Jeff wrote: "I was suffering with constant drainage and near debilitating coughing fits almost once every hour. The coughing fits were still present but reduced noticeably the day after the second treatment. Two weeks later they're gone. It's great to be able to sleep through the night without waking up coughing anymore and also to not break down in a coughing fit when talking to someone. Thanks Phil!"

Carrie wrote: "I just wanted to finally email you to let you know that your cure worked wonders for me. When I used it a few months ago, I noticed a difference within the first 2 -3 days. I had constant post nasal drip and it cleared up. The past 3 years I had been miserable with constant sinus infections and to which I was becoming resistant to antibiotics and then I had endoscopic sinus surgery. I tried everything! Even though the winter was very tough with the flu, I was at least clear for a while and have not gotten a sinus infection back again. Keeping my fingers crossed.  
So thank you for sharing your information and I am very relieved that I found your cure. I know if I DO get another sinus infection and have to take antibiotics, I at least have the power and knowledge to give my sinuses that extra good bacteria that it may need to feel better."

Tina wrote: "This is a great book for anyone dealing with chronic sinusitis. The author gives detailed descriptions about the most prevalent cause of sinusitis which is fungus. Most doctors do not know how to treat fungus and continue giving antibiotics, which can make the fungus worse, thus the loop of chronic sinusitis. He also gives links to studies backing up his information if you want to educate yourself further. I wish I had known this years ago....I could have saved myself 20 years of sinus nightmares. Thanks so much for the fantastic info!"

Highskier wrote: "After suffering from what I thought was a sinus infection for years and trying numerous "treatments" I had thought of and from the medical profession that only provided temporary relief, I ran across this little booklet that has proven to be a real life changer.  The reference information the author has compiled provided me with the justification I needed to try this revolutionary approach to curing my sinus problem. And besides, what did I have to lose? After following the recommendations laid out in the booklet, my sinus symptoms went away and have not come back so far.
The Chronic Sinusitis Cure booklet is a real gem." 

Allen wrote: “It seems that my sinus woes have really subsided! It is hard to believe, after four years of the morning yellow phlegm and two years of polyps in my left nostril. But as it is so often when one gets better, you just go on living your life like nothing happened.  At first, the yellow phlegm started reducing in frequency. Later I started having lots of clear phlegm in the morning and sometimes during the day. There were days when I thought I would have to do another round of treatments, but then things got better again.  I don't know if I am 100% cured but things are looking pretty darn good. I will keep just going on. My left nostril is still different than my right one, but still quite ok!   Thanks so much! “

Clyde wrote: "With regard to my sinuses it seems your 'cure' has been helpful. I have not had to go in for antibiotics since employing the probiotic rinse. I've used it several times though it has been quite a while since the last application."

BDE wrote:  "I did the treatment longer than he recommended (almost a month instead of 2-10 days).  I have had recurrent sinus infections for the past five years, including two balloon sinuplasty surgeries. I was really desperate for relief and was tired of cycling through antibiotics only to have the infection return when I stopped the course. I tried this method and it not only went away, I have not had an infection in four months! I did the treatment longer than he recommended (almost a month instead of 2-10 days), and still do it every once in a while if I'm feeling a little congested. The fact that I have been infection-free feels like a miracle! Thank you for writing this book!"

Richard wrote:  "The info contained in the booklet regarding the sinusitis cure proved to be very valuable for me. I followed the directions in the booklet and appendix for 2 regimens of probiotics due to an intervening need to take take antibiotics shortly after the first regimen. I started over a few weeks later and following the completion on my second regimen two weeks ago, my sinus problems have almost totally disappeared. What a simple, but amazing procedure."


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