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About The Cure
This discovery CURES Chronic Sinusitis by reintroducing "specially selected", fungus controlling, "friendly" bacteria (probiotics) directly into the sinuses. It may also impede the onset of Acute Sinusitis, by negatively impacting disease-causing bacteria.

Friendly Bacteria/Probiotics produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide as part of their life cycle:
  • Lactic acid creates an anti fungal environment, in addition to inhibiting the growth of a variety of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Hydrogen peroxide acts against the disease-causing bacteria and viruses to reduce infection.
  • Friendly Bacteria/probiotics starve the fungus by eating the same food.
  • Probiotics colonize on the walls of the sinuses effectively crowding out the fungus.
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Get Rid of Sinusitis!

Existing over-the-counter sinus treatments ONLY TREAT the symptoms.

  • Antihistamines – Are mainly used to dry up sinus drainage.
  • Saline Solutions – Are mainly used to rinse out the sinuses.
  • Decongestants – Are mainly used to relieve nasal congestion.

The knowledge that fungus, not bacteria, is the cause of Chronic Sinusitis is the basis of this home cure.

"Question" - Why is there is no public discussion, or information, available regarding how healthy bodies naturally control inflammation-causing fungus within the sinuses"?
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